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Induction Forge

This machine allows you to work with metals by generating electrical currents within the conductor (metal) to create heat. This unit provides a constant stable working temperature to melt preferred sections of metal such as gold, silver, copper, and aluminum weighing between 0.5kg and 2 kg. What’s great about this model is its low energy consumption and high output power. It’s so efficient, the power consumption is half that of the traditional electron tube high frequency induction heater under the same conditions. 100% load design means you can work for 24 hours straight. This unit works on the latest MOSFET and IGBT power units and current frequency control standards. The infrared temperature detector simplifies manual operation, improves heating quality,and automatically controls temperature. Built in status displays alert the user of any possible errors providing higher reliability and sustainability. For best use, select power supply according to power and frequency. A higher frequency means shallower heating depth. Lower frequency leads to better diathermancy. Crucible (NOT INCLUDED) between 75-90 mm. This machine does not use a plug, wires connect directly to power line (voltage depends on country). INCLUDED: 1 Induction Heater,1 40*18 mm heating coil, 1 Foot switch, 1 Manual


Tig Cooler

Water Cooler - Premium, Heavy Duty, Vane Pump, 115 Volt, 4 Gallon Tank. Package of 1